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Mary Carroll’s

Mary Carroll’s came into being on March 27th, 1997 when Conor Hartnett from Limerick, Ireland, bought “The Broken Oar” Pub in the Heart of Babylon Village. The Bar was named after his mother Mary.

The Goal was to recreate the feel of an Irish Pub in everyway from the appearance, to the atmosphere. Unique furniture & decor were imported from Ireland. The Pub front was inspired by Conor’s Old “Local” in Limerick called “Tom Collins” Pub, even down to the old school painted sign out front.

Most importantly the atmosphere is of a friendly Local that caters to Locals and Travelers alike. It is a conversation bar with good music, where you are made comfortable till 3:30am 365 Days a Year!

In 2000, the Pub was expanded into what was Babylon Bagels.

In 2007, Conor went partners with David Mc Keown of Belfast to open Mary Carroll’s of Huntington. Conor and David became great friends while David was a customer in Babylon (drinking his head off !). David went from customer and friend to bartender in Babylon for 8 years before partnering with Conor.

Mary Carroll’s in Huntington replaced La Madonna Cafe. The same principals as Babylon were embraced in Huntington. Great ambiance, atmosphere & fun!

We pride ourselves on never being finished striving for the PERFECT PUB. Inspired by the Legendary Irish Publican and Owner of Nancy Blakes in Limerick.

“If You Are Not Going Forward You Are Going Backwards. There Is No In Between”

Move Forward With Us In Babylon & Huntington!